Investor Relations

Insider Trading Policy

This Insider Trading Policy provides guidelines to all personnel, including employees, directors and officers of Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. (the "Company"), with respect to transactions involving the Company's securities and the handling of confidential information about the Company and the companies with which it does business. In the discretion of the Corporate Compliance Officer (as defined below), the Insider Trading Policy may also apply to consultants and contractors to the Company.

For purposes of this Insider Trading Policy, the Company's securities include common stock, options to purchase common stock and any other securities the Company may issue from time to time, such as preferred stock, warrants and convertible debentures. The Company's securities also include derivative securities relating to the Company's stock, even if not issued by the Company, such as exchange-traded options. For purposes of this Insider Trading Policy, references to "trading" and "transactions" includes, among other things, (i) purchases and sales of Company securities in public markets, (ii) sales of Company securities obtained through the exercise of employee stock options granted by the Company and (iii) using Company securities to secure a loan.

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