Sustainability at Marrone Bio Innovations

Marrone Bio Innovations (NASDAQ: MBII) (MBI) is keenly aligned with investors who have a focus on impact investing and ESG metrics. While we have not undertaken a formal ESG study of MBI, we are proud of the results of a study we conducted in cooperation with the UC-Davis Graduate School of Management showing that switching from conventional chemical pesticide products to our Regalia, Grandevo, Venerate and Majestene product lines could, potentially, result in average net reductions of greenhouse gas emissions of 69% to 91% (or 39 to 46 kilograms of CO2 equivalents per acre per year).

Regalia has a particularly low carbon footprint because it uses an extract of a plant, classified as an invasive weed in most of the world, as its starting material.

In general, our products:

  • Are fermented or extracted from plants (knotweed and coconuts) using agricultural or other biological raw materials in these fermentation or plant extraction processes, resulting in lower fossil fuel usage;
  • Are safer for workers and of lower risk to pollinators and other non-target organisms, and do not pollute air, water and soil;
  • Are very biodegradable, breaking down quickly into carbon, hydrogen and oxygen;
  • Are designed to increase soil health by supporting or increasing microbial diversity in the soil.

Our CEO’s and other senior managers’ pay is generally less than 10 times that of our lowest-paid full-time employee.

MBI has an active recycling and composting program. All plastics 1-7, metal, glass and paper are recycled.

All food waste is taken home by employees for composting. We have eliminated individual plastic water bottles.

We only use tree-free paper for our copying machines. As much as possible we have reduced our paper usage in favor of electronic documentation, and have worked closely with regulatory agencies on electronic dossier and product-labeling pilot projects to ultimately replace paper submissions.

MBI provides a bonus, generous benefits and stock options for all full-time employees. Our CEO’s and other senior managers’ pay is generally less than 10 times that of our lowest-paid full-time employee, which is substantially lower than the U.S. average ratio of 144:1 and a median of 69:1.

We take pride in the diversity of our workforce and being an equal opportunity provider. As a growing company focused on innovation, we strive to foster diversity and inclusion, with women representing approximately 49% of all employees (and 22% of senior management and 59% of our research and development team) and racial or ethnic minorities representing approximately 42% of employees (and 33% of senior management).

MBI leadership is actively involved in programs and initiatives to promote STEM, careers for women and minorities. We are actively seeking to increase the diversity of our board of directors, as we currently have two female directors – including our Founder Pam Marrone – and one underrepresented minority.

MBI has an active internship program that includes part-time and full-time interns working in R&D, finance and accounting, HR, marketing and sales.

MBI encourages employees to volunteer in their communities and to serve on not-for-profit boards. The company contributes funds and employees volunteer their time to many local organizations.

The company provides a monetary incentive for employees to quit smoking and reach a healthy weight, as well as incentives for gym memberships.

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