The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Marrone Organic Innovations, Inc. (MOI) a two-year $500,000 Small Business Technology Transfer grant entitled “Commercialization of an Innovative Green Technology for Controlling Zebra Mussels”

The damage caused by zebra mussels and their close relatives, quagga mussels, represents billions of dollars in cost to the North American economy and results in a major negative impact on freshwater ecosystems. These tiny, fingernail-sized mussels foul the aquatic environment while clogging the intake pipes of industries that draw water from infested lakes and rivers. Although populations have been widespread in the Great Lakes region and midwest for almost two decades, these mussels were only found for the first time west of the Rockies in the last 18 months, specifically in regions of Nevada,
Arizona, Utah, Colorado and California.